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Some folks seem confused so I’m providing a quick site guide… Ok so it’s really easy, the most recent blog posts are on the home page which can always be gotten back to by clicking on the big at the top,
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Yes, that’s right America’s hat is filled with people. So what to say aboot Canada on this our 148th birthday eh? I’m not a huge believer in patriotism for its own sake. If I had the luck of being born
the steamboat sultana
Drip, hiss, drip, hiss, drip, hiss, yup the boiler was definitely in need of repair, and in need of serious repair, but that would take four days. If Captain J. Cass Mason waited for four days the other ships would
fathers day card
I never wanted to be a father. I didn’t think having children would be for me, nothing against the breeders just not my thing. Now let’s not kid ourselves (hah), the only reason I am a dad is because I
poster explaining depression
A very serious topics and very hard to understand if you’ve never been there. These are attempts to explain what is perhaps unexplainable… Please if you know anyone with depression try to understand, try to be there for them, too
The Death of Const. Daniel Woodall I’m gonna be straight up here I often times am not a fan of the police. But when I say that I mean the organization not the officers. The brave men and women who
Sorry I started working on my intro for the site and now my computer is out of batteries. There is just no way to have it plugged in and work on it with the way my house is set up